Hell on Wheels MC Halloween Hill Climb – Nishika N8000

I went to this event for the the first time last year, and just had to go back for more, and I was not disappointed!!  This set was shot on a Nishika N8000 3D camera. If you’re interested it seeing how I animate these in photoshop, I posted a video showing how I do it step by step at the bottom of this post.

Be sure to check out www.hellonwheelsmc.com/ and check out any of their upcoming events!!

Camera: Nishika N8000
Film: Lomography 100iso Color Film
IMG_20141011_0001 IMG_20141011_0002 IMG_20141011_0003 IMG_20141011_0004 IMG_20141011_0005 IMG_20141011_0006 IMG_20141011_0007 IMG_20141011_0008 IMG_20141011_0009 IMG_20141011_0011 IMG_20141011_0012 IMG_20141011_0013 IMG_20141011_0015 IMG_20141011_0016

Dallas, TX Olympus Stylus 35mm

These were shot on a work trip out to Dallas on an Olympus Stylus with a fixed 35mm lens.  I accidentally opened the film door while film was unwound(you may notice some light leak effect caused by this…)

Camera: Olympus Stylus 35mm
Film: Fujifilm Superia 400isoIMG_20140718_0007 IMG_20140718_0009 IMG_20140718_0010 IMG_20140718_0015 IMG_20140718_0016 IMG_20140718_0017 IMG_20140718_0018

Rainbow Falls, Mammoth, CA – Stereo Holga

I picked up this camera a few weeks ago at Freestyle Photo while I was there developing some film.  This trip to  was the first chance I had to shoot it.  its so simple to use, but damn does it eat up that 120 film fast!!

Camera: Stereo Holga
Film: Kodak Portra 400
2014-07-06 10.35.36
IMG_20140806_0007 IMG_20140806_0005 IMG_20140806_0002 IMG_20140806_0001

Kodak Tourist II – Hoover Dam

I found this camera in an antique store in Boulder City, NV on my way to the Hoover Dam.  It was already loaded with a roll of Kodacolor, which was discontinued in 1963.  I decided to shoot the rest of the roll while at the hoover Dam, and since the chemicals needed to develop Kodacolor are no longer produced it had to be developed as black and white.  I’m going back out to Hoover Dam next week and I’m going to shoot more with this camera, so be sure to look for that post in a couple weeks…2014-02-20 13.22.53 IMG_20140804_0001 IMG_20140804_0002 IMG_20140804_0003 IMG_20140804_0004