Rainbow Falls, Mammoth, CA – Stereo Holga

I picked up this camera a few weeks ago at Freestyle Photo while I was there developing some film.  This trip to  was the first chance I had to shoot it.  its so simple to use, but damn does it eat up that 120 film fast!!

Camera: Stereo Holga
Film: Kodak Portra 400
2014-07-06 10.35.36
IMG_20140806_0007 IMG_20140806_0005 IMG_20140806_0002 IMG_20140806_0001

Kodak Tourist II – Hoover Dam

I found this camera in an antique store in Boulder City, NV on my way to the Hoover Dam.  It was already loaded with a roll of Kodacolor, which was discontinued in 1963.  I decided to shoot the rest of the roll while at the hoover Dam, and since the chemicals needed to develop Kodacolor are no longer produced it had to be developed as black and white.  I’m going back out to Hoover Dam next week and I’m going to shoot more with this camera, so be sure to look for that post in a couple weeks…2014-02-20 13.22.53 IMG_20140804_0001 IMG_20140804_0002 IMG_20140804_0003 IMG_20140804_0004

Olympus XA2 – La Kings/Dodgers Games on Lomography Earl Grey

Found another hiding roll of Lomography Earl Grey that I had shot last summer and never developed.  It was shot last summer, a few frames at a Kings Game, and the rest of the roll was shot at a Dodger’s Game.

Camera: Olympus XA2
Film: Lomography Earl Grey 400ISO B+W Filmil_570xN.612574021_6y7l











Guest Post – Rolleiflex SL35 From SF to Big Sur

Guest blogger John Sargent for AwesomeCameras.com.  Today I am going to show you some images from SF & Big Sur shot with a  Rolleiflex Sl35 and Kodak Ektar Film.  If you have never shot with Carl Zeiss lenses, you need to get on it.  Kodak Ektar film is the world finest grain film and produces excellent negatives with high contrast & saturation.  The Rolleiflex SL35 with 50mm planar lens stops all the way down to f1.8, for dreamy depth of field. It can get as close as 1.5 feet, half the distance of typical 35mm lenses. The sharpness is unlike any other and functionality is smooth as butter.  If you want to check out some of my work, head to My Website.  And if you are in the market for a new camera or just want to browse, head to my Etsy Store.  Enjoy!

Camera: Rolleiflex Sl35
Film: Kodak Ektaril_570xN.573618745_3995Awesome_Cameras_blog_01 Awesome_Cameras_blog_02 Awesome_Cameras_blog_03 Awesome_Cameras_blog_04 Awesome_Cameras_blog_05 Awesome_Cameras_blog_06 Awesome_Cameras_blog_07 Awesome_Cameras_blog_08 Awesome_Cameras_blog_09 Awesome_Cameras_blog_10 Awesome_Cameras_blog_11 Awesome_Cameras_blog_12