23rd Baron Photoshoot shot w/ Nishika N8000

These are from a shoot I did for 23rd Baron.   They are a T-Shirt line all handmade in Los Angeles, and super soft and comfy!  PERFECT FOR A PILLOW FIGHT!  If you didn’t know already, I love using the N8000 any chance I get so naturally I jumped at the chance to do a whole shoot with it!! Hope you enjoy!

Camera: Nishika N8000
Film: Ektar 100
Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_1 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_2 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_3 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_4 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_5 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_6 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_7 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_8 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_9 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_10 Nishika_N8000_23rd_Baron_Pillow_Fight_11

Awesome Cameras Podcast #22 – Joe Aguirre


Guests Links:
Instagram: @Joe_Aguirre_

Gear Mentioned:
Holga (Via Amazon)
Lomography LCA (Via Amazon)
Olympus XA Series (Wiki, Search eBay)
Olympus Stylus Epic (Search eBay)
Yashica Electro 35 (Search eBay)
Instax Wide (Amazon)
Mamiya 6 (Search eBay)
Mamiya 7 (Search eBay)
Pentacon 6 (Search eBay)
Leica Wikipedia Page (I don’t know where else to start with Leica…)Kodak Tourist 2 (Search eBay)

Other Photographers Mentioned:
Justin Vogel
Daido Moriyama
Troy Holden
Alec Soth (Little Brown Mushroom) (Somewhere to Disappear Film)
Rob Timko
Beau Roulette
Carson Lancaster (Awesome Cameras Podcast Interview)(Book & Job Gallery)
Emilio Banuelos
Collective Strangers
John Goldsmith
Hamburger Eyes
Kevin Omeara (Elephant Gun Collective)
Jonas Normann (@sidewalktalk)
Danny Tran
Ola Billmont
Ben Molina
Kramer O’Niell
Empire Seven Studios
Matt Gomes

Other Fun Stuff:
Holga Mods
Glass Key Photo
Looking Glass

Florida Tourism Board


Found Film – 1970s Camper Trip!

I found these slides at the local flea market, and had to have them! There were a few boxes, all from around the late 60s and early 70s.  Some were from a wedding, some were from a backyard BBQ, and the ones in this post are from a family trip out to the lake!  A great little glimpse into life back in the day for those of us who weren’t around to see if back in the day.  Stay tuned for a couple more posts down the road from those other sets! But for now… Lets go camping!!!

Scanning: Dexter’s Camera1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


Awesome Cameras Podcast #21 – Bobby “Do Right” Prokenpek

Bobby_Polaroids_smallAA008A AA011A
Bobby is a commercial photographer from Ventura, CA(my new home)! And we had a few beers and talked about his journey through the photo world, and even did a live periscope Q&A session!!

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Guests Links:
Instagram: @BobbyDoRight

Gear Mentioned:
Stereo Holga(Via Amazon, Recent blog post)
Zeiss Ikonta 120 folder(Search eBay, Blog Post)
Mamiya RB67(Search eBay)
Pentax 67(Search eBay)
Nikon D810
Canon 5d Mkiii
Sigma Art Lenses
Dog Schidt Optiks

Other Links:
Creative Circus
Bruce Weber
Scott Kelby
Kevin Aims
Jim Fiscus
Topa Topa Brewery
Joey L


Stereo Holga / Tri-X

Damn, I need to bust this thing out more often!! I’ve used this Stereo Holga a few times now and it has yet to disappoint…  The first couple are from my day hangin with Stephen Sutter(Listen to his podcast episode here).  There’s two shots from the day a few months ago I got to get my hands on a 20×24 Polaroid, and the last shot is of my buddy Brandon while we were working on a photoshoot at some crazy mansion in Malibu…

Camera: Stereo Holga
Film: Kodak Tri-X
Developer: New55 R3 Monobath
Scan: Canoscan 9000f
Sutter_Stereo_Holga-(2) Sutter_Stereo_Holga-(3) Sutter_Stereo_Holga6 Sutter_Stereo_Holga8 Sutter_Stereo_Holga10 Sutter_Stereo_Holga11

Rollei Prego Micron – LA #suttbuttslastfrontier

These were shot a couple weeks ago when Stephen Sutter was down in LA on his #suttbuttslastfrontier road trip, which was supposed to take him up to Alaska, but some mechanical setbacks kept him here in the lower 48…  Before recording The Podcast that night, I took them around LA and showed them some of the sights that day

Camera: Rollei Prego Micron (Search eBay)
Film: CVS Brand Fuji 400 ISO (rebranded Fuji)
Develop: Dexter’s Camera
Scan: Canoscan 9000f
Rollei_Prego_Micron_0 Rollei_Prego_Micron_1 Rollei_Prego_Micron_2 Rollei_Prego_Micron_3 Rollei_Prego_Micron_4 Rollei_Prego_Micron_5 Rollei_Prego_Micron_6 Rollei_Prego_Micron_7 Rollei_Prego_Micron_8 Rollei_Prego_Micron_9 Rollei_Prego_Micron_10 Rollei_Prego_Micron_11