Awesome Cameras Podcast #18 – Jesse Mergenthaler of


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Guest Links:
Instagram: @jmfotoco

Gear Mentioned:
Canon d30 (Amazon)
Canon 10d (Amazon)
Canon EOS3 (Amazon)
Yashica MAT 124g (eBay Search)
Fuji Superia
Fuji FP-100c
Fuji FP3000b
Mamiya C330 (eBay Search)
Rolleiflex 2.8f (eBay Search)

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Sam Hurd


Awesome Cameras Podcast #17 – Sifry Borrayo of Camera Creeps, and Polaroid Playaz


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Personal Instagram: @Cfritolemon
Depop App: @Cfritolemon
Camera Creeps: (Website, Instagram)
Polaroid Playaz: (Instagram)

Gear Mentioned:
Olympus XA2 (Search eBay)
Olympus Stylus MJU (Search eBay)
Demekin 110 Fisheye (Amazon)
New55 R2 Monobath (
Kodak TRI-X (Amazon)
Mamiya C330 (Search eBay)

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Depop App
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Brian Posehn


Awesome Cameras Podcast #16 – Carson Lancaster of Find Rangers and Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco, CA


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Find Rangers
Book And Job Gallery


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Tenderloin SF
Sight Glass Coffee
Academy of Art
Rayko Photo Center SF
Pier 24 SF
Diane Arbus
Robert Frank
Davis Ayer
Ben Gore
Needles & Pens

Gear Mentioned:
Sekonic L-358 (Amazon)
Sekonic 308s (Amazon)
FP100b (Search eBay)
LandCamera 340 (Search eBay)
Hasselblad 50mm (Search eBay)
Ricoh GR1v (Search eBay)
Nikon 35ti (Search eBay)
LandCamera 230 (Search eBay)
Land Camera 100 (Search eBay)
Land Camera 250 (Search eBay)
Zeiss Ikonta
Olympus Stylus(Amazon)

Awesome Cameras Podcast #15 – Eric Bouvet


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Instagram: @EricEffinB

Other Links:
Dexters Camera
Scala Film Flickr Pool
Janell Shirtcliff
Under The Radar Photo Show

Gear Mentioned:
Lomo LCA 120 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Olympus XA (Search eBay)
Konica C35 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Polaroid LandCamera 250 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Canon G11 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Minolta X700 (Search eBay)
Canon 5d (Amazon)
Holga (Amazon)
Bronica SQ-A (Search eBay)
Ilford Delta (Amazon)
Ilford HP5 (Amazon)
Scala Film (Search eBay)
Nikon 28ti (Search eBay)
Leica CL (Search eBay)
Canon AE-1 (Amazon, Search eBay)
B&J Press Camera (Search eBay)

Mammoth Trip via Zeiss Ikon Folding 120 Camera

I went on a trip up to Mammoth, CA a couple weeks ago to help out on a photoshoot for 686 Clothing shot by Silke Labson (@showntoscale). I recently found a 5 pack of my FAVORITE FILM OF ALL TIME(Portra NC) on Amazon for only $30. But sadly I cant find it there anymore… It is available on ebay, but its a little more pricey.

The last few shots were shot on a rooftop in San Francisco to finish off the roll, but I liked them and decided to throw them in the mix…

Camera: Zeiss Ikon 120 Folder
Film: Portra 160NC
il_570xN.759495444_apmfMammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC- Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-1 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-2 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-3 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-38 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-369 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-3610Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-36Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-37

Awesome Cameras Podcast #14 – Armand from Denton Camera Exchange in Denton, TX


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Guest Links:
Instagram: @DentonCameraExchange

Other Links:
Denton, TX
Breaking Away (IMDB)

Franks Camera

Gear Mentioned:
Crayola 110 (Search eBay)
Canon AE-1 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Canon Elan 7E (Amazon, Search eBay)
Pentax 67 (Search eBay)
Polaroid 195 (Search eBay)
Instax Mini 90 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Instax Wide 300 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Sony A7 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Polaroid 690 SLR (Search eBay)
Impossible Project Film (Amazon, Search eBay)
Polaroid 680 (Search eBay)
Minolta Hi-Matic 7s (Search eBay)
Minolta 7s (Search eBay)
Yashica T3 Super (Search eBay)
Yachica T4 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Pentax 110 Auto (Search eBay)
Pentax 645 (Amazon, Search eBay)