Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #5 – Mikey Thompson


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Guests Links:
Youtube: LightenUpAndShoot
Video where Mikey w/ Los Mamos in Columbia

Gear Mentioned: 
Nikon D70 - (Amazon, Search eBay)
Mamiya 645 – (Amazon, Search eBay)
Pentax 67 – (Search eBay, Examples on, Video on How to Animate)
Nishika N8000 – (Amazon, Search eBay)
Nikon FE - (Amazon,  Search eBay)

Photographers Mentioned:
Steven Lyon
Dan Winters
Dan Winters Book “Road to Seeing”

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #4 – Adam Rindy

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Show Notes:

Guests Links:
Travel Photos:

Gear Mentioned:
Instax 210 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Instax Neo 90 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Instax 300 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Canon 5d mk3 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Contax T2 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Fuji X100s (Amazon, Search eBay)

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #3 – Gregory Graham Dalton


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Episode #3 Show Notes…

Guests Links:
Instagram: @GragoryGrahamDalton

Gear Mentioned:
Polaroid 600SE (Search eBay)
Nikonos (Search eBay)
Rolleiflex (Search eBay)
Mamiya 7 (Search eBay)
Mamiya 645 (Search eBay)
Tri-X (Amazon, Search eBay)
Portra NC (AmazonSearch eBay)

Photographers Mentioned:
Sally Mann
Will Eichelberger
Ian Ruhter
Kanoa Zimmerman
Aloha Big Mike
Nikonos Project

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #2 – Tyler Parker


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Episode #2 Show Notes…

Guest’s Links:

Twitter: @TWPphoto
Instagram: @tylerwilliamparker
Tyler’s General Assembly Lightroom Course

Other Photographers Mentioned:

Gary Wood
Alex Prager

Gear Mentioned:
Canon 5d - (Amazon)
Canon 5d mkii: (Amazon)
Nikon D800: (Amazon)
Hasselblad H5D-60: (Amazon)
Hasselblad H5D-50: (Amazon)
Mamiya RZ-67: (Search Ebay)