Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #11 – Samon Rajabnik


Guests Links:
Instagram: @SamonRajabnik

Gear Mentioned:
Leica T (Amazon)
Leica IIIc (Search eBay)
Leica M2 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Hasselblad XPAN (Search eBay)
Contax N1 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Contax T3 (Search eBay)
Epson V850 (Amazon, Search eBay)
Cinestill Film:

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Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #10 – Kingston


Guest Links:
Instagram: @KingstonPhoto (Kingston’s Blog on Rebel8)

Instagram Mentions:
@AsildaPhotography (Online Store)
@DextersCamera (
@JohnSargentPhoto (, Guest Post on

Gear Mentioned:
Instax Neo 90 (, Flickr Pool)
Instax Wide 300 (
LandCamera 250 (, Flickr Pool)
Polaroid 110a (Search eBay)
Nikon D800 (, Flickr Pool)
Nikon 20mm f/1.8 (, Flickr Pool)
Sigma 24-70 for Nikon (, Flickr Pool)
Mamiya RB67 (Search eBay)
Yashica 12 (Search eBay)
Polroid SX70 Model 2 (Search eBay, Flickr Pool)
Nikon F-100 (Amazon, Search eBay, Flickr Pool)

Canonet QL17 (Search eBay, Flickr Pool)
Fuji Reala (Flickr Pool, Search eBay)
Fuji Natura (Flickr Pool, Search eBay)
Fuji Superia (Flickr Pool, Search eBay)
Polaroid 600SE (Search eBay)
Kodak Tri-X 400 (Amazon)

Intro Music by Jeff McElroy, Bassist for Howlin Rain.  They re currently on tour and you should go check them out if their coming to your town… Here’s a little sample to hold you over until then…

Nascar Auto Club 400 – Leica Minilux on Portra 400

A few weeks ago I went out to Fontana, CA to watch a few good ole boys trade paint and drink some beers. Of course I brought with me a few cameras! Here are a few shots from race…  I had a ton of fun shooting with this camera while I had it, but it was recently sold to @pa_dave.  Follow him if you want to follow the adventures this cameras will go on in the future!!

Camera: Leica MiniLux (Search eBay, Amazon)
Film: Kodak Portra 400 (Amazon)

il_570xN.745806599_kdlvleica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (8)leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (12) Untitled (2) leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (22) leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (21) leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (20) Untitled (3)leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (19) leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (18)  leica-minilux-nascar-portra400 (10)


Guest Post – Taylor Gilmore Shot on Nikon F5 – Arista EDU 400iso

Here are some photos shot by my Most Recent Podcast Guest Taylor Gilmore.  They were shot on his Nikon F5 on Arista EDU 400iso black and White Film at the first Awesome Cameras BBQ Meetup back in January.  Follow him on Instagram Here.

Camera – Nikon F5(Search eBay)
Film: Arista EDU400img326 img334 img336 img339 img341 img344 img353 img354

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #9 – Taylor Gilmore of Long Exposures Podcast


Guest Links:
Instagram: @TaylorGilmorePhoto
Podcast: Long Exposures Podcast (My Episode)

Gear Mentioned:
Polaroid LandCamera 100 (Search eBay)
Nikon F5 (Search eBay)
Nikon F6 (Search eBay)
Mamiya ZE-2 (Search eBay)
Nikon 2020 (Search eBay)
Nikon DF (Search eBay)
Vivitar PN2011 (Search eBayMod Tutorials)

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Zeiss Ikonta w/ Ilford HP5

I had one of these cameras a couple months ago and was thoroughly bummed when it sold.  But I got lucky and found another one about a week later!!  This is an awesome little medium format folding camera.  The first couple shots were shot at the BBQ meetup we did a couple months ago(more coming soon I SWEAR!!!). And the rest were shot while working on a shoot with Tyler Parker(former podcast guest).

Camera: Zeiss Ikonta Folder
Film: Ilford HP5
il_570xN.745686294_mjju Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-1 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-2 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-3 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-5 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-6 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-7 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-10 Zeiss-Ikon_Ilford-HP5-11

Vagabond 120 – Kern River

This is one of those rolls of 120 film I’ve had sitting on a shelf forever, just waiting to be developed, with no idea of what was on it… Turns out this one was from a camping trip 2 summers ago to Kern River for a friends birthday.  I could identify the camera based on the 6×9 negative size. And the film plane is slightly curved also so the negative looked a little bowed out on the top and bottom.  Also, the shutter was much slower than I expected, so a tripod would have been nice…

Camera: Vagabond 120 (Search eBay)
Film: Lomography 100ISO120 film
Vagabond120images 1 2 3 4 5 6 7