Vagabond 120 – Kern River

This is one of those rolls of 120 film I’ve had sitting on a shelf forever, just waiting to be developed, with no idea of what was on it… Turns out this one was from a camping trip 2 summers ago to Kern River for a friends birthday.  I could identify the camera based on the 6×9 negative size. And the film plane is slightly curved also so the negative looked a little bowed out on the top and bottom.  Also, the shutter was much slower than I expected, so a tripod would have been nice…

Camera: Vagabond 120 (Search eBay)
Film: Lomography 100ISO120 film
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Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #8 – Ben Parks


Guest Links:
Instagram: @benprks

Gear Mentioned:
Polaroid One Step (Search eBay)
Polaroid 669 Film (Search eBay)
Polaroid 690 Film (Search eBay)
Polaroid IDUV Film (Tumblr)
CineStill 800ISO Film (
Razzle Polaroid 110b Conversion (Search eBay)
Lomo LCA (Amazon, Search eBay)
Hasselblad 500cm (Search eBay)
Pentax 67 (Search eBay)
Konica Hexar FA (Search eBay)
Instax Neo 90 (Amazon)
Instax 300 Wide (Amazon)


Boones Treasury

Minolta 7s Camera Test – 20×24 Polaroid Photoday , Plus Train Track

This camera has got the looks and backs it up with some solid images!! I had one a while back but someone bought it up before i had a chance to use it much.  I’m trying to put this one to better use while I have it! The first have of the roll was shot while we were testing out Jason Lee’s 20×24 Polaroid, and I finished up the roll at this awesome railroad bridge on the way to Vegas last week…

Camera: Minolta 7s
Film: Fuji Superia 400isoIMAG1290IMG_20150317_0010 IMG_20150317_0016IMG_20150317_0025 IMG_20150317_0017 IMG_20150317_0026IMG_20150317_0013 IMG_20150317_0027IMG_20150317_0020 IMG_20150317_0031

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #7 – Raymond Molinar


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Instagram: @Raymond_Molinar

Gear Mentioned:
Impossible Project 8×10 Film
Polaroid SLR680 (Search eBay)
Canon AE-1 (Search eBay)
Leica M6 (Search eBay)
Leica M4 (Search eBay)
Leica Noctolux Lenses (Search eBay)
Makina 67 (Search eBay)
Hasselblad 500cm (Search eBay)
Polaroid 110b Conversion (Search eBay)
Polaroid Time-Zero Film (Search eBay)
Mod 54

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Freestyle Photo

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #6 – Bryan Rodner Carr


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Instagram: @brcarr
35mm Work
Infrared photos from Hawaii
Somm(Documentary Bryan Edited)

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Gear Mentioned:
Pentax Honeywell(Search eBay)
Minolta XG-1(Search eBay)
5d MKii (
LandCamera 250(Search eBay)
Yashica T4(
Portra 40(
LomoChrome Purple (
FujiFilm FP100c(
Ciro Flex(Search eBay)
Yashica A(Search eBay)
Yashica 124G(Search eBay)

Vivian Maier
Richard Mosse (Infrared Photographer):  Vimeo, Article

Awesome Cameras Podcast Episode #5 – Mikey Thompson


Press Play above, or download the mp3 file HERE.

Guests Links:
Youtube: LightenUpAndShoot
Video where Mikey w/ Los Mamos in Columbia

Gear Mentioned: 
Nikon D70 - (Amazon, Search eBay)
Mamiya 645 – (Amazon, Search eBay)
Pentax 67 – (Search eBay, Examples on, Video on How to Animate)
Nishika N8000 – (Amazon, Search eBay)
Nikon FE - (Amazon,  Search eBay)

Photographers Mentioned:
Steven Lyon
Dan Winters
Dan Winters Book “Road to Seeing”