Stereo Holga / Tri-X

Damn, I need to bust this thing out more often!! I’ve used this Stereo Holga a few times now and it has yet to disappoint…  The first couple are from my day hangin with Stephen Sutter(Listen to his podcast episode here).  There’s two shots from the day a few months ago I got to get my hands on a 20×24 Polaroid, and the last shot is of my buddy Brandon while we were working on a photoshoot at some crazy mansion in Malibu…

Camera: Stereo Holga
Film: Kodak Tri-X
Developer: New55 R3 Monobath
Scan: Canoscan 9000f
Sutter_Stereo_Holga-(2) Sutter_Stereo_Holga-(3) Sutter_Stereo_Holga6 Sutter_Stereo_Holga8 Sutter_Stereo_Holga10 Sutter_Stereo_Holga11

Rollei Prego Micron – LA #suttbuttslastfrontier

These were shot a couple weeks ago when Stephen Sutter was down in LA on his #suttbuttslastfrontier road trip, which was supposed to take him up to Alaska, but some mechanical setbacks kept him here in the lower 48…  Before recording The Podcast that night, I took them around LA and showed them some of the sights that day

Camera: Rollei Prego Micron (Search eBay)
Film: CVS Brand Fuji 400 ISO (rebranded Fuji)
Develop: Dexter’s Camera
Scan: Canoscan 9000f
Rollei_Prego_Micron_0 Rollei_Prego_Micron_1 Rollei_Prego_Micron_2 Rollei_Prego_Micron_3 Rollei_Prego_Micron_4 Rollei_Prego_Micron_5 Rollei_Prego_Micron_6 Rollei_Prego_Micron_7 Rollei_Prego_Micron_8 Rollei_Prego_Micron_9 Rollei_Prego_Micron_10 Rollei_Prego_Micron_11

Awesome Cameras Podcast #20 – Stephen Sutter


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Stephen Sutter is a Film Photographer from New Jersey.  You may know him from the Fro Knows Photo RawTalk Podcast which he used to be a part of.  He was on a roadtrip cross country and I got to spend a day with him driving around LA, then recorded the podcast with him that night.

Guest Links:
Instagram: @Stephen_Sutter

Gear Mentioned:
Pentax 67 (Search eBay)
Canon 75-300 (Via Amazon)
Olympus Stylus Epic 35mm (Search eBay)
Canon AE-1 (Search eBay)
Kodak Ektar 35mm (Via Amazon)
Kodak Ultra Max 35mm (Via Amazon)
Portra 400 35mm (Via Amazon)
Portra 160 35mm (Via Amazon)
Portra 800 35mm (Via Amazon)
Fuji Superia 400 35mm (Via Amazon)
Fuji Superia 800 35mm (Via Amazon)
Portra 160 120 Film (Via Amazon)
Portra 400 120 Film (Via Amazon)
Burke & James 4×5 Press Camera (Search eBay)
Crown Graphic 4×5 (Search eBay)
Aero Ektar 2.5
New 55 Film
R3 Monobath Developer
Nishika N8000

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Stereo Holga

Awesome Cameras Podcast #19 – Chuck Dong


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Instagram: @chuckodong

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Gear Mentioned:
Instax 7s(Via Amazon)
Instax Neo 90(Via Amazon)
Instax Mini Film (Via Amazon)
Instax Wide 210(Via Amazon)
Instax Wide 300(Via Amazon)
Instax Wide Film(Via Amazon)
Step 5 Print Holder by Photo Ole (IG: @iheartphotole)

Law Enforcement Polaroid Kit:

Camera Test – Rollei Prego Micron

I was at Dexter’s Camera(home of $5 developing!!) developing some film the other day and figured, HEY! I should test out this Rollei I haven’t shot with yet since I’m already here developing some film anyways… So I started snapping away Most of these were shot inside the shop in Very low light(without flash), so you’ll notice a little blur due to longer shutter speeds. But the couple photos I took outdoors came out much sharper. This is essentially the same camera as the Ricoh R1, It was just re-branded for Rollei to sell under their name.

The Rollei Prego Micron is very thin and easily fits in your pocket.  The one I have is a little but scuffed up, and the battery door is taped shut, but is working perfectly.

This camera is currently UP FOR SALE in my DEPOP SHOP!!  There are also a couple up for sale on eBay

Camera: Rollei Prego Micron
Film: CVS Brand 400ISO Expired Film (Rebranded Fuji Film)
Developing: Dexter’s Camera
Scanning: Canoscan 9000f









Awesome Cameras Podcast #18 – Jesse Mergenthaler of


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Guest Links:
Instagram: @jmfotoco

Gear Mentioned:
Canon d30 (Amazon)
Canon 10d (Amazon)
Canon EOS3 (Amazon)
Yashica MAT 124g (eBay Search)
Fuji Superia
Fuji FP-100c
Fuji FP3000b
Mamiya C330 (eBay Search)
Rolleiflex 2.8f (eBay Search)

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