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Born Free 5: Part 5 (Nishika N8000 Black & White)

By August 29, 201335mm, 3D

So, just when I thought I was done with the Born Free Photos, I found another roll that was hiding in my camera bag… I have a Video Tutorial on how I animated these if you’re interested in that kinda stuff.  And if you want more info on the vans be sure to head over to The Vandoleros Van Club’s Blog to see what they’re up to.

Camera: Nishika N8000
Film: Arista EDU 100ISO B&W Negative Film

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Part 5: Nishika N8000 B&W

IMG_20130817_0022 IMG_20130817_0023 IMG_20130817_0001 IMG_20130817_0005 IMG_20130817_0009 IMG_20130817_0010 IMG_20130817_0013 IMG_20130817_0016 IMG_20130817_0018 IMG_20130817_0019