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Burnside Bridge Portland, OR Shot w/ Polaroid SLR 680SE

By November 19, 2014Camera Test, Polaroid, slr

Gonna try something a little different here…  I decided to post every photo from this entire pack of film, and say a little something about each one.  I just thought they all came out so unique and all warranted an explanation.  These were all shot on my walk across(and under) the Burnside Bridge in Portland , OR. The camera is the SLR 680SE I bought in Austin, TX a few weeks ago, and this is the first pack of film I’ve shot through it.  All photos were shot with natural light(no flash) and manual focus(except one, and I’ll tell you which one that is in the post). Due to the nature of this expired Polaroid film, the emulsion never got spread all the way across the entire image.

Camera: Polaroid SLR 680SE

Film: Polaroid 600 Film(Expired 04/2009)

1. This first shot was looking down from the bridge onto a brick road  with some streetcar tracks running down it.  As you can see the chemicals didn’t get spread out into the frame very much,  I’m guessing this was exaggerated bu the fact that the camera spit out the first 2 sheets of film simultaneously when i took this photo(see photo 2).


2.  This is the sheet of film that got spit out behind the first shot.  IMG_20141119_0003

3. This is my second attempt at getting this shot.  This one turned out much better.IMG_20141119_0004

4.  Here’s the iconic Portland sign at the end of the bridge.  I think I gripped this one a little too hard as I pulled it out of the camera.  You can how my fingerprints effected the photo.IMG_20141119_0005

5. Finally got to the far end of the bridge and walked down to the Burnside Skatepark.  I snapped this one while this kid was standing there contemplating whether or not to drop in.IMG_20141119_0006

6.  I waited around while until someone was actually skating up the He-Man wall.  But because it was so dark under the bridge he got a little blurred out. If you look closely, you can see him just between He-Man and Castle Grayskull…IMG_20141119_0007

6. Back up n the bridge I decided to test out the Soar Auto Focus.  If you cant tell by this photo, it didn’t work so well…  Maybe its the nature of the Sonar focusing system that couldn’t pick up the distance of the subject from the camera, or maybe the battery in the expired film pack didn’t have enough juice in it to run the auto focus.  Either way, I decided to stick with manually focusing for the rest of this pack of film.IMG_20141119_0008

7. Here is the shot I was going for, but focused manually this time.IMG_20141119_0009

9. I wanted to see how close this camera would focus, so i got down and focused on this moss on the bridge.  The focus point of this photo was about 10-12 inches away from the lens, and there was still a little room to focus even closer…IMG_20141119_0010

10.  This is the last shot.  I had been eyeballing this railroad bridge off in the distance the whole time and wanted to make sure I got a shot of it… IMG_20141119_0011