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Cars of Ventura, CA – Street Parking Only; Camera Test – Nikon Lite Touch 130ed

These photo are a part of a new project I started called “Street Parking Only”. There are so many cool cars with great character around the city I live in (Ventura, CA) and as far as I know, noone was documenting them. So I took it upon myself. Starting a project like this is perfect because it will also serve double duty as an excuse to get out and try out more of these cameras that come through my shop…

This post was shot entirely on a Nikon Lite Touch 130ed which is a very compact point and shoot 35mm camera. Produced by Nikon in 2002 it was on the tail end of the higher end point and shoot film camera market with a suggested retail price of $225.00. All the photos I took with this camera came out very sharp, and it is super easy to use and comfortable to hold.  It kinda makes you wonder where the technology of this compact film cameras would be had the camera companies had kept moving forward with their post production workflow.

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