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Lomography Fisheye – Print Exchange Ventura 3-2-17

By March 6, 201735mm, Camera Test

On the first Thursday we do a print exchange here in Ventura. Its super laid back, and everyone basically just trades their prints with each other… and if people don’t have prints to trade, they will buy you a beer if they’re interested in one of your prints(Added bonus). ┬áThe Lomo Fisheye is the perfect camera for shooting a fun little party or anything like this. ┬áThe only tip I can give you, is get a little closer than you think you need to, this fisheye is super wide(as it should be) but the viewfinder doesn’t give you any idea of how wide it actually is. If you’re ever in the Ventura, CA area on the 1st Thursday of the month come by and have a beer!!

Print Exchange Facebook Page
Location: Topa Topa Brewing Co.

Camera: Lomography Fisheye
Film: Fuji 400 Superia