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Mammoth Trip via Zeiss Ikon Folding 120 Camera

By June 9, 2015Medium Format

I went on a trip up to Mammoth, CA a couple weeks ago to help out on a photoshoot for 686 Clothing shot by Silke Labson (@showntoscale). I recently found a 5 pack of my FAVORITE FILM OF ALL TIME(Portra NC) on Amazon for only $30. But sadly I cant find it there anymore… It is available on ebay, but its a little more pricey.

The last few shots were shot on a rooftop in San Francisco to finish off the roll, but I liked them and decided to throw them in the mix…

Camera: Zeiss Ikon 120 Folder
Film: Portra 160NC
il_570xN.759495444_apmfMammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC- Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-1 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-2 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-3 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-38 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-369 Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-3610Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-36Mammoth_Zeiss_Ikonta_Portra160NC-37