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My first couple shots of Type 55 Film – Shot on Burke & James 4×5

By May 6, 20154x5, Polaroid

These are the first 2 shots of Type 55 Polaroid film shot on the way to Vegas a couple weeks ago. I originally scanned them in color with intention to change to grey scale in post, but I liked the tone of the film so much I just left it.  Film was gifted to me by Jason of @FilmPhotographic.  Check out his instagram feed, There are tons of great photos and info on there, and he’s also got a website coming soon!

These photos were shot from the same spot just turning the camera 180 degrees. I shot them 2 stops over meter suggestion, to properly expose the negative The second one is still a bit dark, probably due to being shot towards the sun that had just set.  Scanned on Canoscan 9000f with SilverFast Scanning software.

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