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Newport Beach – Olympus Stylus w/ Sheriff Dept Expired Film

I got this new film in for the shop, but wanted to test it out before I actually listed any up for sale.  That is because there is no way of knowing what film stock was actually used. The film was from the San Bernardino Sheriff Dept, and is marked “For Official Use Only”.  There is also a place for the officer using the film to write down the case # and their name.  I had no idea how long expired the film, and was surprised at how good the photos came out!

Camera: Olympus Stylus
Film: Sheriff Dept Mystery FilmOlympus Stylus Infinity__1_00002__3_00004__6_00007expired film__7_00008_10_00011_13_00014_12_00013_14_00015_21_00022Olympus Stylus Infinity_24_00025_18_00019Olympus Stylus Infinity