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Nishika N9000 Test

By January 27, 201535mm, 3D, Camera Test

Bought a few Nishika N9000s last week, and thought I’d try one out since I’ve really only use the N8000 in the past.  Its pretty much the same thing except for a few little things I noticed.  First its smaller, and that makes it easier to cover some of the lenses with your finger by accident.  Also, the N9000 has less of a “lens hood” around each lens so I did notice much more lens flare coming through in the images.

Camera Nishika N9000
Film: Arista ESU 100iso
IMG_20150119_0001 IMG_20150119_0003 IMG_20150119_0004 IMG_20150119_0008 IMG_20150119_0009 IMG_20150119_0010 IMG_20150119_0012