Bronica ETR w/ 150mm f/4 Lens


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Product Description

Bronica ETR 645 w/ 150mm Lens Medium Format Film Camera (film tested)

This is a great medium format for someone looking to step up from 35mm. everything is in perfect working order except for the two quirks listed below…

It has been film tested, and was actually the subject of one of my YouTube videos where we took photos at the local fair. You can find that video as well as the photos we took with this camera on my website (

-Bronica ETR body
-150mm f/4 Lens
-Takes 120 film
-Light Meter Built Into Prism

**Camera still fires even if the dark slide is in. Not sure if this is a problem with the film back, or the camera body itself.

**There is a bit of a hiccup during film winding, but it doesn’t effect the film winding or camera function in any way