Film Secret Society Pin


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The Freemasons. The Illuminati. Opus Dei. The Jelly of the Month Club. For centuries, secret societies have operated in the shadows, wielding influence and bestowing power upon their exclusive ranks.

Well, the Society of Film Photographers is looking for members. Love film? The colors, the grain, the dynamic range, the feeling of the negatives, slides, and prints in your hand? Your membership has been approved. Welcome to the Society of Film Photographers.

Our pledge: “I hereby solemnly swear to create tangible art using any emulsion of my choosing. With skillful determination do I keep my negatives free of dust and properly archived. In my self developing and printing skills, and in the skills of my professional lab I trust.”

Vital stats: 1.125″ / 28.5mm, printed Midnight Black on Ancient Order Gold-colored plating, including a forever-bound-to-the-pledge gold color deluxe locking clutch.