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Yosemite Part 7: More Nishika N8000

By September 11, 201335mm, 3D

I had too much to post the first time around, so here’s some more from my trip to Yosemite with the Nishika N8000!

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Part 7: More Nishika N8000

Camera: Nishika N8000
Film: Lomography Color Negative Film

IMG_20130705_0064 IMG_20130705_0065 IMG_20130705_0066 IMG_20130705_0068 IMG_20130705_0070 IMG_20130705_0071 IMG_20130705_0073 IMG_20130706_0004-(2) IMG_20130706_0004 IMG_20130706_0006 IMG_20130706_0007 IMG_20130706_0010 IMG_20130706_0012 IMG_20130706_0014 IMG_20130706_0015